Attraction tickets

Before you purchase Attraction tickets you need to work out which parks you can realistically visit in the time that you have in Florida. Speaking from experience if you are there for 14 days taking jetlag into consideration, a 14 day combo ticket might be over the top - you are on holiday and you need a day off to rest (your feet too), chill by the pool, drive over to the coast or hit the Malls. Obviously the big three attractions are Disney, SeaWorld and Universal but your ticket combination can be whatever you want it to be - the choice is yours. Remember Disney always put up their prices in August - if you know you are going and can plan ahead order online to get the lower rate.

Over the years we have just picked up the odd park ticket from the many discount outlets along the 192 in Kissimmee (now illegal to buy or sell this way) or when we have gone out of season just bought a one day pass at the park gate on the day. Having young children on our early visits meant that we only wanted to do a few days during the fortnight at the parks - Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and SeaWorld. A more recent trip with the whole family in one large group of 10 of various ages 2 to 70 years meant a more structured approach to the trip was needed. We didn't all do the same thing every day - some had been before, some had younger children and some just wanted to shop. Note - we also had 2 x 8 seat mini vans to allow the group to split.

So what tickets are available ? Well, a good browse of the internet is needed to get a feel for the prices and they vary day to day.

The best deals around are Disney and Universal Combo tickets. This gives unlimited access to all 6 Disney parks - Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach Water Park for up to 14 consecutive days.
Unlimited access to Universal Studios, Universal's Islands of Adventure and Universal CityWalk for up to 14 consecutive days. A rough price guide for January 2015 purchase - £388 Adult (age 10+) and £363 child price (age 3-9 years). Please remember this is an approximate price and prices change daily.

Don't forget Discovery Cove, NASA at Cape Kennedy, Blue Man show at Universal Boardwalk, Cirque Du Soleil at Downtown Disney or a themed dinner or WDW Character breakfast - the combination is endless and can cost as much again as the flights to Orlando ....

*** A word of warning - websites that seem to be offering super low prices on Disney tickets are almost guaranteed to be scams - do not buy them ***

I can let you know which sites I use for tickets - please contact me via the details on my contact page - email, facebook or twitter