San Pedro

The San Pedro was a wooden-hulled Dutch-built sailing ship. It was one of 21 merchant ships in a fleet, which was loaded with tanned hides, spices, jewels, silver and gold, heading to Spain from Havana, Cuba in 1733. The coast of the Florida Keys was hit by a hurricane which wrecked all but one of the ships. The ships were salvaged for their precious cargo and those vessels which could be refloated were taken back to Havana. The raminaing ships which could not be saved were burned down to the waterline.

The wreck of the San Pedro was rediscovered in the 1960s and was very profitable for those involved in the modern day salvage effort - the sunken vessel contained thousands of silver coins and artifacts. The wrekc is covered with sediments ,which is made up of a ballast mound 90 feet long by 30 feet wide. The remains of the ship that were not covered by sand have now been consumed by sea worms or carried away with the current. Today, the wreck is stable and has reached a state of equilibrium with its environment. It is located close to Islamorada in the Keys.