Kennedy Space Centre

Space Shuttle Discovery

"...I believe this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal of landing a man on the moon ... and returning him safely to the earth "
President John F. Kennedy, May 25, 1961.

Cape Canaveral has been the home of the Kenedy Space Centre since 1958. Merritt Island and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station is the place that NASA's space vehicles have been developed and tested before being blasted into orbit.

The Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex remains a stunning attraction despite the Shuttle programme finishing in 2011. It is a one hour drive east from Orlando and will enthral you for a full day.

At the Vistors Centre you can view the enormous rockets in the Rocket Garden, have an Astronaut Encounter, learn about the history of landings, see movies in the IMAX, and take the Shuutle Lauch Experience.

The Kennedy Space Centre bus tour is a must for all fans, it takes 2 hours to complete so best to do this earlier in the day so you don't have to rush it. Once aboard and out of the main gates you are guaranteed to spot an alligator or two by the side of the road and maybe a bald eagle on the telegraph poles. You will get a close view of the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) - some 52 storeys high it is the largest single-storey scientific building in the world. The bus then continues on to the LC-39 Observations Gantry which provides views of the crawlerway and launch pads. Inside there is a film and exhibits to view before boarding the bus to take you to the Apollo / Saturn V Centre. Here you can walk beneath the 363 ft Saturn V rocket and finally watch the dramatic Apollo 11 moon landing film.