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Orlando started out originally as an army post called Fort Gatlin during the Seminole War. Word has it that it was renamed Orlando after a soldier called Orlando Reeves who was hit by a Seminole arrow in 1835. Both Orlando and neighbouring town Kissimmee slowly developed over the next 100 or so years, relying on farming and citrus fruit production. This all changed from early 1960s with the development of the space programme at Cape Canaveral on the East Coast followed by Walt Disney World arrived with the opening of the first park, Magic Kingdom in 1971. Today Orlando has more visitors than any other place in Florida. If you are exploring beyond the theme parks then rent a car - today you can visit WDW, SeaWorld and Universal using the public transport system - shuttle buses will even collect you from Orlando or Stanford airports.

It is possible to pass through Orlando and not visit Walt Disney World (WDW) but you cannot completely escape from it - road systems had to be redesigned to accomodate it, everywhere you look there are WDW billboards and even a Micky Mouse shaped electricity pylon close to the I-4 / WDW junction. The main competition to WDW is Universal Orlando and SeaWorld Orlando. Disney has even designed its own "perfect" town called Celebration - just on the 192 in Kissimmee. Apart from the dozens of lakes that surround the Orlando area, the region is somewhat dull with sprawling agricultural flat areas.