Astronaut Hall of Fame

Located 6 miles west of the Kennedy Space Centre (KSC) atthe junction of Highway 1 and the Nasa Causeway (405). This is both educational and entertaining with its interactive exhibits and is best visited on the way to the main KSC complex. It commemorates the early astronauts and displays many of their personal items which is part of the largest collection of astronaut memorabilia. Visitors can experience G-force rides in the simulator or ride across the moon surface.

It's history goes back to the 1980s when the six then-surviving Mercury Seven astronauts decided to establish a place where US space travellers could be remembered and honored, silmilar to halls of fame for sports. The Astronaut Hall of Fame was opened on 29 October 1990, by the U.S. Space Camp Foundation, owners of the facility. However, it closed for several months in 2002 due to low attendance and mounting debt. It was purchased by Delaware North Park Services on behalf of NASA and the property was added to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, resulting in the Hall of Fame reopening on a joint ticket with KSC.

The Hall of Fame closed to the public on 2 November 2015, in preparation for its relocation and re-launch in late 2016 at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.