About me

Viernes...foot prints!

I have lost count of the number of times that I have visited Florida - I fell in love with the Sunshine state on my first visit over 20 years ago. Each time I go back I find something new.

Naïvely, I associated Florida just with Disney and had never thought to venture outside of Orlando. After travelling around the state I finally experienced the real Florida - so many equally spectacular sights other than the Magic Kingdom to enjoy.

Over the years I have become known as the "Florida Expert" by friends, family and work colleagues, who always asked for my advice. You name it, I have done it - fly drives, two centre holidays, hotels, motels and villas, theme parks, Disney character breakfasts, visited in all seasons, travelled with new born babies, toddlers, school age and OAPs! So many questions - what is there to do? where should I stay? is two weeks enough to do everything? where do I buy park tickets? what time of year should I go? how do I book flights, car hire and villa? you know best - this is my budget, please can you book it all for me?

So in answer to these requests, I have complied all the information I know and called it My Florida Guides. It is still work in progress and I add to it from time to time.

I am social so contact me by email, Twitter or Facebook if you would like further information, share your experiences or wish to advertise on my site.

Have a nice day.