Lion County Safari

Lion County Safari is about 20 miles west of Palm Beach on Hwy 80 / Southern Boulevard. This is Forida's only drive through safari and walk through amusement park.

It was founded in 1967 by a group of South African and British entrepreneurs wishing to provide a safari experience for families and the park originally exhibited only lions. Today the main attractions here are African and Asian wildlife - lions, giraffes, elephants, chimpanzees and ostriches which roam the 500 acre park. Visitors are confined to their cars with approximately 5 miles of paved roadway running throughout.

Visitors enter the park in their own vehicle and drive slowly at their own pace to view the animals - a recorded narration on audiotape or CD is available. Some of the animals - giraffes, rhinoceroses and zebras are allowed to roam freely, often crossing the road in front of vehicles. But others - lions and chimpanzees are segregated by fences or water barriers. You are warned to drive slowly and carefully, do not stop too close to the animals and under no circumstance open the car doors or windows. The lions used to roam freely with cars but were separated from the visitors by fences in 2005, due to visitors ignoring warnings and opening their car doors.

Visit the chimpanzees to see them live on an island system, moving a different island every day which replicates their natural nomadic lifestyle. They live in complex social groups as they would in the wild. Since 2012, chimpanzees living at Lion Country Safari include "Little Mama," one of the oldest chimpanzees in captivity, born in 1938. Lion Country Safari has become a retirement facility for chimpanzees who were once used in research laboratories and entertainment.

After the drive through safari, visitors can visit Safari World, a theme park with zoo exhibits and 6 amusement park rides such as a Ferris wheel, a petting zoo, a water sprayground and a giraffe-feeding exhibit.

Open everyday of the year including Christmas and New Year, 9:30am to 5:30pm. You need to allow 4 - 5 hours for a visit.

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