Hutchinson Island

The southern causeway or Seaway Drive takes you to Hutchins Island which runs down to Jesen Beach. It extends for more than 30 miles south, with breathtaking beaches. Sunwoorshipers should head the Sea Turtle Beach and Jensen State Park. At the southern tip you will find the House of Refuge, Bathtub Beach, the Elliott Museum and the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Centre.

The House of Refuge is Martin County’s oldest building and since 1974 has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is a restored refuge for shipwrecked sailors, built in 1876, as part of a chain of 10 refuges. It is the only one still standing. In its time, it was run by the United States Lifesaving Service. This historic structure has weathered many storms and provided shelter for shipwreck survivors. Famously it was used by Georges Valentine, an Italian brigantine whose wreckage remains just 100 yards off the rocky shoreline, the dive site can be explored today. Today it offers a fascinating look at a bygone lifestyle along the coast. The museum has been restored and is a showcase of historical lifesaving equipment and the Keeper’s living quarters as they were in 1904.

Elliott Museum (825 Northeast Ocean Boulevard). 2013 saw the opening of the brand new Elliott Museum which replaced the original 50 year old museum. Built in 1961 by Harmon Elliott and dedicated to commemorate his famous inventor father Sterling Elliott, the museum displays some of his quirky inventions and contraptions, alongside antique cars and interactive exhibits. In his lifetime he held over 125 patents and was foremost an Inventor but also a successful businessman - a Knot Tying machine, the low wheeled trotting sulky, the Elliott addressing machine, the pneumatic tire, the ball bearing and the unequal turning of the front wheels or steering knuckle kingpinfor the automobile.